See videos of treehoppers in their natural habitats

Bocydium globulare has a fascinating and bizarre pronotum!


Ants harvest excess honeydew from the abdomens of treehoppers, clearing away fungal and bacterial growth in exchange for a sugary treat.


The pronota (helmets) of treehoppers are incredibly diverse.


Some species of treehoppers care for their offspring and deter predators.


Newly molted treehoppers are soft and vulnerable, but can be protected by ants (in exchange for honeydew).


Ants harvest excessive honeydew from a colony of treehoppers nymphs (Enchenopa ignidorsum). Here you can watch ants drink from the back end of a treehopper.


Treehoppers are incredibly diverse with forms that mimic thorns, poop, wasps, ants and other non-tasty objects.


Ants stimulate treehoppers to excrete honeydew!


Other organisms harvest honeydew from treehoppers. Here we see stingless bees getting a drink!


Treehopper helmets (Cymbomorpha sp.) can also mimic leaves!