Have you found a treehopper and want to figure out what it is? Or do you have a bug you think might be a treehopper and you aren’t sure?

Treehopper photos by Pavel Kirilov, CC-SA-2.0

Here are some web-based resources to help you figure it out!

A screenshot of the treehopper interactive key Interactive Keys to Treehopper Families hosts a graphical interactive key to help you identify treehoppers to family, tribe, and genus.

Daniel Marlos has hosted the website “What’s That Bug” since 2000. The website has twenty years of curated identification requests and a form to submit your own unidentified bug pictures.
Spider/Bug Questions is a small but active Facebook group that provides identification and information about spiders, bugs, and other creepy crawlies–with the motto “The More You Learn, the Less You Squirm!” is host to an enormous repository of community-identified photographs of insects, organized by taxonomic group (order, family, genus, species). If you cannot find a bug that matches yours, you can upload an image and request identification.


iNaturalist is Citizen Science platform that connects observers from throughout the world and also helps provide expert IDs. Download the app for Android or for iOS and instantly upload pictures of treehoppers and other insects for identification. Check out the Typical Treehoppers (family Membracidae) page and filter by geographic location to find out what treehoppers live in your neck of the woods!