Treehopper Research at UConn

Treehopper photos by Pavel Kirilov, CC-SA-2.0

The Jockusch lab is interested in how the treehopper got its helmet.

Learn more about their treehopper research at UConn through these links.

Postdoctoral researcher Cera Fisher describes how she first got interested in the treehopper project.

This ScienceDaily release describes the discovery Cera made by comparing how the treehopper uses genes to build its different body parts.

This Smithsonian Magazine article explores an earlier controversy about the origin of the treehopper helmet and how the Jockusch lab’s work fits with that.

Cera’s website describes the broader research project: from starting a colony of treehoppers so that she could do this work, to evolutionary comparisons with other bugs.